26 January 2009

Chocolate Vodka

The story behind this potent drink is one that has its roots in a seedy Long Street joint, a place I spent many cold winter’s evenings in playing backgammon with mates. The bar served real deal flavoured vodkas – this one was my favourite and I used to drink copious amounts of it, but no matter how I pleaded the owners would never tell me how to make it.

Via a little trial and error, I figured it out. One massive warning: the combination of alcohol and sugar will rush straight to your brain, so please steer clear of operating any heavy machinery afterwards and of course don’t drive.

You'll need:

2 slabs of your favourite plain chocolate

Break the chocolate into pieces small enough to fit down the neck of the bottle - then whack it all down. Put the lid on tightly and immerse the bottle in a pot of warm water for about 10 minutes. As the water warms up and the vodka is heated it melts the chocolate and the two infuse. What you end up with is a lethal sweet-chocolatey-goodness that will warm even the coldest heart on a crisp African night. Serve as a shooter or pour over ice cream. If you’re really feeling adventurous, substitute the chocolate with other sweets from Smarties to Jelly-babies. But if you are using chocolate make sure its plain i.e. no wafers or nuts etc. – these just ends up a soggy mess.